Is the temporary rent of my home legal?

Yes, you just have to manage some administrative procedures that the law requires to use your home for tourist use. We combine touristic rent with the short stay or temporary rent to comply with current legislation, which varies depending on the area and place location of your home.

What fiscal obligations do I have if I obtain a benefit from the rental of my home?

We shall pay the owner of the property the profits of your apartment (after the discount of commission and VAT), which will depend, in any case, on the occupation of the property. In your annual income statement, you must declare such benefits as real estate capital yield.

How much can I earn for rent?

It will depend on many factors: size of the home, location, qualities of the same, time of year ... However, based on our experience we will give you information on the approximate and general calculation on the possible profits, taking into account the parameters indicated to always get the maximum return.

When do you make the payment?

The transfer of the profits will be made during the first 10 days of the following month

Are there other costs linked to your services?

No. BNBHolder commission will be 20% of the price per night.

What requirements does my home have to have?

It must be furnished, with appliances, water and light supplies and, in addition, it must have WIFI and home insurance.

Where do you provide services?

Currently in Madrid and Seville. If you have a home and you want us to manage it, contact us without any commitment.

If you manage my Airbnb, Booking, etc. account, do I have access to it?

Sure, whether it is your own account or not, you have access to a user panel where you can see calendar, price, reservations, etc.

If the BNBHolder team manages my home, can I use it at any time?

Of course, In case of availability, you confirm what the dates when you would like to stay and those dates will be blocked. Important: Due to high demand of tourist apartments, you better make up your mind with anticipation.

Can I cancel my contract with BNBHolder?

Our philosophy is mutual trust. Therefore, we will not manage homes when there is no mutual relationship of commitment and trust. However, the active reserves of the home must always be respected before the termination of the contract.

What happens if the guests have damaged my home?

We will avoid by any means that this occurs. We request a deposit that guests pay a before entering the apartment, returning it to the guest once it has been verified that there is no damage or theft in the property.
Additionally, some platforms such as Airbnb have an insurance for damages and thefts of up to € 800,000 to alleviate the damage or theft caused by a guest, and all apartments managed by us are covered by a Civil Liability insurance by AXA company.

If my home is temporarily rented through P2P platforms, is there a possibility of nonpayment?

No, there is not. You can be totally calm. The payment of the guests is made before the checkin.

I would like to rent my home but I have personal items in it, what can I do?

We will help you find a safe space for your belongings.

Do you offer services on holidays?

Yes, 365 days pera year.

How many sets of keys do I have to give you?

Five sets of keys

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